[plt-scheme] conventional syntax (was: Scheme contradictions)

From: David T. Pierson (dtp at mindstory.com)
Date: Mon May 8 21:28:23 EDT 2006

On Sun, May 07, 2006 at 08:19:02AM +0000, Matthew Flatt wrote:
> To be clear, I am *not*


>  * planning on reduced support for Scheme-style syntax --- though, if
>    all goes well, I will eventually switch my primary mode of
>    expression.

The fact that you are intending to switch to a "curly-braces and
semicolons" syntax suggests to me that there is some advantage to such a
syntax over standard Scheme syntax.  Am I interpreting this correctly?

What are the advantages of the #honu syntax, especially for someone
familiar with both Scheme and Java syntax?



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