[plt-scheme] Scheme contradictions

From: Chongkai Zhu (u0476504 at utah.edu)
Date: Thu May 4 16:44:54 EDT 2006

======= At 2006-05-04, 21:27:57 Vladimir Zlatanov wrote: =======
>Maybe it can be a good thing to add python/ruby/haskell like layout
>syntax. I know there were experiments flying around. Recently Peter
>Schombert wrote an anlysis in his blog about it:
>   http://pschombe.wordpress.com/2006/04/16/lisp-without-parentheses
>I think it is a good idea, at least for people with experience in other
>languages, to come to the lisp family. It is kind of syntactic sugar,
>which can increase the readability of a program.

Sorry that I can't open the page you mentioned. But Dylan is 
Scheme-with-syntax, isn't it?

Chongkai Zhu  

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