[plt-scheme] Re: Appalling performance of DrScheme on Windows

From: Geoffrey Knauth (geoff at knauth.org)
Date: Fri Jun 23 17:48:01 EDT 2006

My G4 does that too, even without running DrScheme.  I sometimes  
wonder if my PowerBook G4, which seemed so zippy when I got it, is  
slowing down to push me toward an Intel Mac.
Geoffrey S. Knauth | http://knauth.org/gsk

On Jun 20, 2006, at 13:48, Stephen Bloch wrote:
> I started DrScheme 350 on my G4 iMac this morning, did nothing with  
> it, spent several hours using Firefox, Eudora, Quicken, Adobe  
> Reader, etc, and brought it to the foreground.  It took a second or  
> two to come up, a second or two to echo my typed left-parenthesis,  
> and about seven seconds of garbage collection to evaluate (+ 2 2).   
> Mac OS 10.4.6, 512 MB RAM.

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