[plt-scheme] Appalling performance of DrScheme on Windows

From: Robby Findler (robby at cs.uchicago.edu)
Date: Thu Jun 22 21:48:42 EDT 2006

Wow ... I just got a mac mini (upgraded from a 800ish mhz g4) and  
*boy* does DrScheme feel zippy to me now! I guess that we have to get  
some relative-to-expectations speed up going.


On Jun 22, 2006, at 5:40 PM, David Richards wrote:

> On Jun 19, 2006, at 11:47 PM, Jepri wrote:
>> Matthias Felleisen wrote:
>>> This sounds indeed like an appalling response time and it makes  
>>> me wonder why some 10,000 people are using DrScheme on Windows.  
>>> Now I am using DrScheme on Windows XP only via Virtual PC on a  
>>> Mac OS X laptop and it runs very nicely there. On my Mac, I am  
>>> running "large" programs (up to 5,000 lines, threaded) in  
>>> DrScheme, leave the environment open for days and weeks at a  
>>> time, and haver very few problems of this kind.
>> Users will often silently tolerate some suprisingly bad program  
>> behaviour if they like the program enough.  When asked why they  
>> didn't report the problem they just shrug.
> That's been my experience.  I've waited several minutes to get a  
> Help Desk page to display.  Very often I restart DrScheme, to try  
> to ease the pain.  I've been reluctant to mention on the list  
> because I didn't want to seem like I'm whining.
> DrScheme is perhaps the single most important application I have -  
> at least it often seems that way.  I'm incredibly thankful each  
> time I launch it, and I worry about the dark day that for some  
> reason the project goes defunct.
> That being said, I did not find the present sluggish response and  
> poor GUI performance in earlier versions of DrScheme.  I guess I've  
> been thinking that it was painfully obvious and irritating to  
> everyone, that the forces of light were working on the problem, and  
> that it would magically vanish never to return again in a not-too- 
> future update.
>>> But before we bash Microsoft one more time on this list, let's  
>>> investigate your report in some detail. We don't want to blame  
>>> them for nothing, right?
>>> 1. What kind of machine do you own? CPU speed and memory are two  
>>> things we'd really like to know.
> A Mac Mini.  I forget now how fast it is.  1.42 GHz maybe.  Should  
> be 'fast enough'.  I think I've got 1 GB of RAM.
>>> 2. Which PLT Scheme implementation are you running? 350? 103p1?  
>>> Anything in between?
> Welcome to DrScheme, version 350.
>>> 2a. Have you modified your PLT Scheme installation in any form or  
>>> manner?
> Not consciously or intentionally.
>>> 3. What kind of programs do you run? Are they text-book  
>>> exercises? Dynamic flow equations?
> Very simple ones.  Lot's of Help Desk use.
>>> Once we have that information we will figure out how to get you  
>>> to use this thing in an acceptable manner.
>>> Thanks for the report -- Matthias
> - David
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