[plt-scheme] Exe compilation for other PCs'

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Wed Jun 21 12:47:06 EDT 2006

On Jun 21, pascal.delcombel wrote:
> Hi everyone
> I tried to compile a program with the new 3.50 DrScheme version, to
> install the result on another PC (just to check if the new feature
> works, as I understood it should).  Well, when lauching the exe on
> the other PC, I'm requested to define the path to a DrScheme dll.
> I that the normal feature? Does that mean I have to install this dll
> as well as the exe file? Or any other trick?

You need to write your code in a module, using the "(module ...)"
language; then, when you use the create executable menu entry, you
will have an option of creating a "Distribution" -- this will produce
a zip file that has the executable and any required materials.

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