[plt-scheme] Re: Appalling performance of DrScheme on Windows

From: Chris Warrington (chrisw at rice.edu)
Date: Mon Jun 19 23:08:44 EDT 2006

Srikumar Subramanian @ 2006-6-19 10:53:01 PM
"[plt-scheme] Re: Appalling performance of DrScheme on Windows" <mid:50E95262-9891-454B-8CA6-BB8D184FF5CD at mac.com>

> BTW, is it just my perception or does DrScheme v350 run noticeably
> zippier than earlier versions? If its the JIT working, woooo hoooo!

I'd say it's faster. I just re-ran the missionaries/cannibals program
from HtDP. It used to take around 20 seconds. It runs in about 7 now
(highly informal testing, however (i.e., I counted 1-mississippi,
2-mississippi, etc.)).

Chris Warrington <chrisw at rice.edu>

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