[plt-scheme] Small problem with regex-replace*

From: Danny Yoo (dyoo at hkn.eecs.berkeley.edu)
Date: Fri Jun 16 02:09:23 EDT 2006

> I was happy this was a very small program to write, however I wasn't able to 
> create a regexp that only match words,
> so I ended using *dummy* variable to hold the second match that is passed to 
> the scramble procedure. How can I fix this?

Hi Jaime,

The issue is that the regular expression has a group, which we define by 
putting parens in the regexp pattern:

     (let ([word (regexp "([a-zA-Z])+")]) ...)

Here, any matches on our regexp will return two results: one for the whole 
match, and the others for each group in the pattern.

What you probably want is:


which doesn't define a group, so it'll give us a single reported match.

Alternatively, we can look at the documentation on regex patterns:


and see the following snippet:

Atom     ::= (Regexp)                 Match sub-expression Regexp and
                                       report match
           |  (?:Regexp)               Match sub-expression Regexp 

So there's a way of defining a sub-expression regex without causing match 
to report it.

Let's play with regexp-match just to make this concrete:

> (regexp-match "[a-zA-Z]+" "hello world")
> (regexp-match "([a-zA-Z]+)" "hello world")
("hello" "hello")
> (regexp-match "([a-zA-Z])+" "hello world")
("hello" "o")
> (regexp-match "(?:[a-zA-Z]+)" "hello world")

(The result for "([a-zA-Z])+" surprises me!)

Finaly, the scrambling code might need some clarification.  What happens 
on words with only one letter in them?

Best of wishes to you!

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