[plt-scheme] [Ann] SchemeScript 1.2.4

From: Dominique Boucher (schemeway at sympatico.ca)
Date: Mon Jun 5 09:36:15 EDT 2006


I've just released SchemeScript 1.2.4, my Scheme editor plugin for the
Eclipse platform.


This version now embeds the SISC interpreter as an alternative to the
Kawa interpreter. Both interpreters can be used to script Eclipse.

What's new?

- Embedding of the SISC interpreter
- Implemented feature request #1494946 : Parse TODO/FIXME in comments
- Implemented feature request #1481354 : More levels in the outline
- Implemented feature request #1458448 : Support for here strings
- Support for programmatically adding markers to buffers
- Support for save hooks
- A few bug fixes


Dominique Boucher
The SchemeWay project

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