[plt-scheme] drawing snips

From: Jordan Johnson (jmj at soe.ucsc.edu)
Date: Sun Jun 4 14:42:27 EDT 2006

On Jun 4, 2006, at 5:47 AM, Matthew Flatt wrote:
> At Sat, 3 Jun 2006 22:58:48 -0700, Jordan Johnson wrote:
>> I'm a bit perplexed by one line in the MrEd manual about method
>> "draw" in snip%:
>> 	"Before this method is called, the correct font, text color, and pen
>> color will have been set in the drawing context for this snip  
>> already."
> I've inserted "for this snip's style" to clarify a little....

Thanks for the info!

One other question:  I also want to maintain a little bit of data  
about the edges connecting nodes (again, using mrlib's graph.ss);  
basically, I have two types of edges I want to distinguish (in both  
the model and the view).  Based on the docs and code for graph.ss, it  
looks to me like I'm best off giving my snips their own add/remove- 
neighbor methods and having them call add-links (and maintaining my  
own data about link types).

This seems a little ugly though, and in particular, since add-links  
calls add-child and add-parent, I wonder if I should be overriding  
them as well.  Are there other calls to these that I should beware of?

Any suggestions?

Thanks again,

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