[plt-scheme] HtDP languages + emacs

From: knubee (knubee at gmail.com)
Date: Sat Jun 3 12:32:30 EDT 2006

> You might try using DrScheme, opening some file (like draw.ss) and then
> choosing "show module browser" from the view menu. You can also (from
> DrScheme) check syntax and then right click on a require-spec and go
> directly to that file.

Ok, thanks.

Actually, I just tried using the module browser, but simply got a
dialogue box for browsing the file system. This may be because i am
currently running under Ubuntu Dapper w/ drscheme 209. I'll check this
later under Breezy/301.

Apropos. Is there an ETA for 301 binary for Dapper -- or pointer to
someone who has it available already? (I tried downloading and
compilng drscheme 301 source but got some errors that seemed related
to unicode settings).


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