[plt-scheme] How to send, receive email?

From: Warren Henning (warren.henning at gmail.com)
Date: Sun Jul 30 20:22:41 EDT 2006


I know PLT Scheme has libraries for POP3 and SMTP in the net library
for sending email, but the examples for SMTP never show anything
involving supplying a password or anything, and when I try to connect
to my Gmail account over POP in MzScheme it always times out.

Could someone post some recent working examples that I could change
the parameter values of (from/to, etc.)? Ideally I'd like to play with
code analogous to the following Python code:
http://www.thinkspot.net/sheila/scripts/smtpmail.py.txt . I'm on
Windows at the moment and I don't have any mail server running - I'd
like to just do some simple programmatic email sending.

Pretend you were developing a web application that sometimes sent
email to users -- what kind of code would you need to write?


-Warren Henning

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