[plt-scheme] HTDP 27.5.6

From: Matthias Felleisen (matthias at ccs.neu.edu)
Date: Sat Jul 29 11:04:40 EDT 2006

Wooks, it is unkosher to post solutions to student exercises on the  
Web. There are high school teachers all over the world who rely on  
the solutions being protected and not published (at least not with  
explanations and on a `reliable' source). I must ask you to refrain  
from posting HtDP solutions on this mailing list. -- Matthias, for SK

On Jul 28, 2006, at 7:10 PM, wooks . wrote:

> My solution to 27.5.5 accomplished the switch by moving the top row  
> to the bottom of the matrix.
> However coming to Ex 27.5.6 I can see that if all the remaining  
> first row cells are zero I will infinitely loop. Now ok I could  
> check if thats the case and handle it in some way. Alternatively I  
> could pre sort the matrix by descending 1st colmumn which would  
> eliminate the need for any switching, but I am getting an uneasy  
> feeling about this solution esp since the fact I didn't recourse to  
> the hint in 27.5.5 shows some divergent thinking from the authors.
> Have I or am I about to take a wrong turn.
> Here is what I have as the result of 27.5.5 (I have annotated the  
> code with some extras that I felt were needed).
> ;triangulate : [[num]] -> [[num]]
> ;produces a matrix in lower echelon form
> (define (triangulate matrix)
>  (cond
>    [(empty? matrix) empty]
>    [else (local ((define top-row (first matrix)))
>            (cond
>              [(zero? (first top-row)) (triangulate (append (rest  
> matrix) (list top-row)))]
>              [else (cons top-row
>                          (triangulate (map (lambda (current-row)  
> (subtract top-row current-row))
>                                            (rest matrix))))]))]))
> ;subtract: [number] [number] -> [number]
> ;repetitively subtracts the 1st list from the 2nd until the 1st  
> cell of the 2nd list is eliminated
> (define (subtract lista listb)
>  (cond
>    [(empty? listb) empty]
>    [(zero? (first listb)) (rest listb)]
>    ;;ensures that 1st cell in listb is a multiple of the first cell  
> in lista
>    ;;otherwise we will infinitely loop trying to eliminate the cell  
> in listb
>    [(not (zero? (remainder (first listb) (first lista))))
>     (subtract lista (map (lambda (cell) (* (first lista) cell))  
> listb))]
>    ;;determines whether elimination is accomplished by addition or  
> subtraction
>    [else (local ((define op (if (or (and (< (first listb) 0)
>                                          (< (first lista) 0))
>                                     (and (> (first listb) 0)
>                                          (> (first lista) 0))) - +))
>                  (define (subEach lista listb)
>                    (cond
>                      [(empty? lista) empty]
>                      [else (cons (op (first listb) (first lista))
>                                  (subEach (rest lista) (rest  
> listb)))])))
>            (subtract lista (subEach lista listb) ))]))
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