[plt-scheme] Multiple network sockets on the same port?

From: Jepri (jepri at alphacomplex.org)
Date: Wed Jul 26 03:43:34 EDT 2006

Matthew Flatt wrote:

> Yes, you certainly should be able to open multiple connections to the
>same remote port.
>Are you supplying the 3rd and 4th (optional) arguments to
>`tcp-connect', which determine the local interface and port for the
>connection? If so, that could be the problem, since you can use each
>local port only once. But supplying the 3rd and 4th arguments is
Indeed I was not supplying the 3rd and 4th arguments to tcp-connect, 
which is why I was a little suprised.  Someone suggested offlist that I 
might be running out of local ports, so I wrote some code to track the 
number of ports I open.  Unfortunately it doesn't open more than about 
4000 before the exception occurs.  The number changes each time I run it.

The problem comes and goes, so I'll work on getting a test case together.

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