[plt-scheme] HTDP 25.1.2

From: wooks . (wookiz at hotmail.com)
Date: Mon Jul 24 14:32:37 EDT 2006

>From: "wooks ." <wookiz at hotmail.com>
>To: plt-scheme at list.cs.brown.edu
>Subject: [plt-scheme] HTDP 25.1.2
>Date: Mon, 24 Jul 2006 16:52:51 +0100
>I am having problems with this but first off need to nail down my 
>understanding of the problem specification.
>What is the  contract for move-balls.
>Is the expected visual effect
>a) a bunch of balls being drawn on the canvas
>b) each ball moving across the canvas simultaneously until it dissapears of 
>the edge.

b) should read ...until they all have disappeared over the edge.

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