[plt-scheme] HTDP 21.1.2 - trying to put it together

From: Chris Warrington (chrisw at rice.edu)
Date: Sun Jul 16 13:03:13 EDT 2006

wooks . @ 2006-7-16 11:37:55 AM
"[plt-scheme] HTDP 21.1.2 - trying to put it together" <mid:BAY103-F5BD54E0B21FC7ACDD2B86C06D0 at phx.gbl>

> I've "lost" the (X -> Y) ...the only thing I can think of now is
> making somefunc local to the definition of the map function to bring
> the (X -> Y) from map within the scope of somefunc.

What happens if you do that? Can you "flatten" someFunc now that you
don't have to pass it f?

Chris Warrington <chrisw at rice.edu>

"To err is human, but to really foul up requires a computer."
-Dan Rather
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