[plt-scheme] SrPersist documentation

From: Chris Warrington (chrisw at rice.edu)
Date: Sat Jul 15 23:00:18 EDT 2006

Eli Barzilay @ 2006-7-15 8:15:04 PM
"[plt-scheme] SrPersist documentation" <mid:17593.34056.931125.441819 at lithuanian.ccs.neu.edu>

> SrPersist is no longer maintained, but probably doesn't require too
> much work to revive (if you're interested, the sources are still
> there).

Ah. That would explain the version number 209... Unfortunately, I
don't know anything about hooking DrScheme up to the outside
non-Scheme world.

> I think that there are several DB interfaces that are newer and
> alive.

The one that I found was SchemeQL (which used SrPersist) from
http://schematics.sourceforge.net/, which was last updated in 2002.

I would be grateful if you (or someone else) would point me in the
direction of some other SQL interfaces.

Chris Warrington <chrisw at rice.edu>
Jones College

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