[plt-scheme] SrPersist documentation

From: Chris Warrington (chrisw at rice.edu)
Date: Sat Jul 15 19:15:23 EDT 2006

I cannot seem to find any documentation for SrPersist.

The link on the SrPersist page points to
http://download.plt-scheme.org/doc/, implying to me (my inference
could be way off, however) that the documentation for SrPersist is
included in the overall PLT Scheme documentation. Having downloaded
all the documentation collections, I searched the Help Desk; however,
neither SrPersist nor ODBC resulted in any pages.

Where is the documentation for SrPersist? Based on the brief
description, it looks promising for an application I am currently
writing. However, without the documentation, I cannot tell for sure.

Chris Warrington <chrisw at rice.edu>

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