[plt-scheme] Re: Which library?

From: Matt Jadud (mcj4 at kent.ac.uk)
Date: Mon Jul 3 02:17:15 EDT 2006

Mark Engelberg wrote:

> What is the relationship between modules and units?

I started to grok units and modules by reading some papers by Matthew 
and others. In many cases, I believe you can think of a 'module' much 
like a 'package' in Java, and a 'unit' much like a 'class'... but if you 
start believing that's true, then you're missing some important features 
of these language constructs.

I suspect the most applicable papers are from the PLT group:

Units: Cool Modules for HOT Languages
PLDI 98  Flatt and Felleisen

A Programmer's Reduction Semantics for Classes and Mixins
POPL 98  Flatt, Krishnamurthi, and Felleisen
(Expanded version of POPL 98 paper)

Robert Bruce Findler and Matthew Flatt. "Modular Object-Oriented 
Programming with Units and Mixins". Proceedings of ICFP 98. 1998.

 From Structures and Functors to Modules and Units
ICFP 06  Owens and Flatt

And HTuM is still applicable:


If none of that helps, then I'd have to say that the state of the 
relationship between units and modules is probably none of your 
business! Leave the poor kids alone, for crying out loud!  ;)


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