[plt-scheme] 3m

From: Jon Rafkind (workmin at ccs.neu.edu)
Date: Sat Jul 1 20:57:12 EDT 2006

> Both of the major obstacles above have recently become much smaller:
>  * Using the "foreign.ss" library with 3m is usually not much more
>    difficult than with CGC. As our library bindings have migrated to
>    "foreign.ss" (instead of writing the glue in C), using 3m has
>    become much easier.
>    Meanwhile, we also have mzc --xform (and a better tool in the
>    pipeline) for transforming C-implemented glue code to work with 3m.
I just tried drscheme3m with the C library, Allegro, that I use for
doing graphics; drscheme crashed immediately upon initializing the
Allegro system. I dont understand how using foreign.ss would make 3m
handle C pointers better, but from the above paragraph I was under the
impression that it would Just Work( TM ). Or should it just work and I'm
doing something wrong with the foreign interface?

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