[plt-scheme] Using mzCOM in VB

From: ndpmcintosh at mac.com (ndpmcintosh at mac.com)
Date: Tue Feb 21 15:36:57 EST 2006

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I am trying to figure out how to use scheme code in a visual basic project,
and I must say I do not find the scheme documentation very illuminating
(which is a way of saying I really do not understand it). I am new to both
scheme and VB so it is especially frustrating. Can someone point me to a
good explanation (preferable step-by-step) of how to call a Scheme file and
pass it a variable all from within a VB program and have the output of the
Scheme program display in a text box in VB? The few things along these lines
I have found assume way to much knowledge for me.

I have made a lot of preliminary progress on my own. I can write a variable
from VB to file and Scheme can read this file (using Dr. Scheme)and use the
variable to run the Scheme program, and I can output the result of the
Scheme program to a file which in turn I can read in VB into a text box.
However, this is not really the way I undertand it is supposed to work if
you are using mzCOM. 

I have tried a test program made in VB 6 that I found on the web and
converted into a VB.net 2005 project, but there is something wrong with it
and it does not work quite right. I can kind of get the idea from inspecting
the code, but not enough to understand how to fix it or make my project
work. Help!?

Phil McIntosh

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