[plt-scheme] And another thing...

From: Bill Wood (william.wood3 at comcast.net)
Date: Thu Feb 16 03:13:51 EST 2006

On Wed, 2006-02-15 at 23:43 -0800, Brent Fulgham wrote:
   . . .  
> to the "infallible methods of Gematria" (http://homokaasu.org/ 
> gematriculator/).

I checked out the site.  Brrr!  I really don't know how to respond.
   . . .
> So, I leave these facts for your review and the obvious conclusions  
> about the suitability of using the nefarious Emacs platform.

Thank you for your kind attentions ;-)

However, as to "the pros and cons of DrScheme versus Emacs", I'm after a
somewhat different point.  When a logic text gets to predicate logic,
there is always a lot of discussion of the order of quantifiers.  For
example, the expression "(Ex)(Ay) Created(x,y)", symbolizing "something
created everything", differs greatly from "(Ay)(Ex) Created(x,y)",
symbolizing "everything was created by something".  I'm simply
suggesting that the search for "the best Scheme environment" may tacitly
assume "there is a Scheme environment best for every programmer", which
differs in the same way from "for each programmer there is a best Scheme

 -- Bill Wood

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