[plt-scheme] DrScheme and accessibility (Choose a language)

From: Matt Jadud (mcj4 at kent.ac.uk)
Date: Thu Feb 9 17:37:48 EST 2006

Out of curiosity, I started up VoiceOver under OSX 10.4 to try a few 
things. I didn't do a fresh install for this test; I tried it with both 
v209 and v300, binary installs.

I opened up the languages selection panel; VoiceOver reported that there 
were 72 items, and then went silent. Navigating the language list with 
the keyboard reports nothing. Likewise, clicking on languages in the 
flippy-list and clicking on UI elements that configure the language 
choice (debugging/profiling, output, etc.) are all silent.

I suspect WxWindows is not a full-peer, and therefore the assistive 
technologies don't know how to handle them.


Greg Woodhouse wrote:
> Well, I just ran into a dead end. I asked a co-worker of mine who is
> blind to install PLT Scheme. There was no problem there, but I can't
> seem to get her past the task of choosing a language. I can do it with
> just the keyboard, but using either JAWS or Window Eyes (two screen
> readers), she not only is unable to "see" what the languages are
> (though the major categories, Professional and Teaching, ARE
> "visible"). I can just highlight a language and press <enter>, but that
> doesn't seem to work.
> Is there any other way of selecting a language in DrScheme?
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