[plt-scheme] Why is the PLaneT cache per-user?

From: Jepri (jepri at babylon.alphacomplex.org)
Date: Sun Feb 5 02:43:30 EST 2006

 > That is much simpler.

It's smaller, but I'm not too sure about it being simpler.  When I saw 
the new PlaneT cache I was delighted to see that PLT had avoided the 
mistake other scripting languages made by having a central cache.  Users 
often want to patch modules, or fork them, or install newer or older 
versions, or other mysterious things that are difficult with a central 

A cache daemon would likely require root/daemon privileges to install, 
administer, upgrade, start and stop, needs a program running to service 
requests, and a port or socket allocated to it.  The current way just 
works out of the box, which is a nice change thesedays.

Gregory Woodhouse wrote:

> On Feb 4, 2006, at 9:03 PM, Doug Orleans wrote:
>> Hm, makes sense.  Would it be reasonable to have PLaneT be run locally
>> as a daemon, more or less like a Web proxy cache?
> That is much simpler.
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