[plt-scheme] Little toy syntax for replicating chained comparisons al-la Python

From: Matt Jadud (mcj4 at kent.ac.uk)
Date: Thu Feb 2 06:00:11 EST 2006

Danny Yoo wrote:

> Anyway, this fluttered in my brain while I browsed through HtDP Section 4,
> and thought this might amuse others.  Would it be something that would be
> accepted by the Schematics Cookbook, or is it too simple?

Although I have no track record of committing to the Cookbook, I would 
argue that nothing is too simple for inclusion. Some people pull 
cookbooks out for new dishes and new cuisines; some pull the cookbook 
out for breads and biscuits they've been backing all their life; some 
need recipes for peanut butter and jelly.

I think it's a nice little macro.


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