[plt-scheme] making applications easier to use

From: Leo Meyerovich (Leo_Meyerovich at brown.edu)
Date: Sun Dec 31 00:19:29 EST 2006

> I've been thinging about how I could add lots of help information to a
> program I'm writing.  Bubble help/tooltips are nice, but I want something
> they can click so they can get a window full of real help on whatever
> feature, not just a one line summary.  I've seen some programs put little
> question marks next to every button in the application, so i've considered
> that.  I've also thought of trying to catch the right-mouse-button clicks on
> each button-object and use those to pop up help windows.  But both of those
> seem like they'd be hard to implement & maintain.  I don't have a real good
> idea yet.  Does anyone have suggestions?
> Corey

I'm a little behind on my discussion lists, but this question may
still be open. I like the idea of an inspectable mode. For example, in
gmail, an overlay can be enabled that shows what keyboard shortcuts
correspond to what page elements. This concept can be taken a step
further to allow safe exploratory interactions - this desire may
explain part of the popularity of screencasts.

Best of all, thinking of implementation strategies and implications is
neat and a good rubric for a language or program design in practice :)
I should probably get back to thinking *cough* working on Flapjax.

Happy new year,

- Leo

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