[plt-scheme] Can't use DivaScheme with 369.1 was [Re: Who is using DivaScheme?]

From: Danny Yoo (dyoo at hkn.eecs.berkeley.edu)
Date: Mon Dec 18 18:44:26 EST 2006

> Maybe this isn't a surprise for you, but it sure was for me.  Diva 
> Scheme won't install on 369.1.  It says that its looking for v300 and I 
> have v370. Do you have a fix for this?  Did I just miss it, or are you 
> still working on it.  I'm already going through Diva withdrawls.  The 
> thought of chording keys is just too much for me to take.  Bring it 
> back, please.....

Hi Kyle,

We're about to release a new version of it off onto PLaneT, but I'm 
checking with Guillaume about a last bug fix that we'd like to get in 
there.  Once that's done, we'll get ths onto PLaneT promptly.

But if the waiting is unbearable, here's a prerelease PLaneT file that you 
can install manually:


You can install this by doing the following at your command line:

    $ planet -i divascheme divascheme.plt 2 0 divascheme.plt

Thanks for your patience!

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