[plt-scheme] Request for Info

From: Gregory Woodhouse (gregory.woodhouse at sbcglobal.net)
Date: Sun Dec 17 12:23:51 EST 2006

On Dec 17, 2006, at 9:02 AM, Chris Stephenson wrote:

> 2. I join everyone (I guess) on this list in recommending the HtDP  
> book
> as an introduction to programming and the DrScheme environment as a  
> good
> tool for learning about programming. (It IS only a tool, as is any
> language/development environment)

Whether the set has an empty complement or not, you can rest assured  
that I belong to the set of people that DO recommend HtDP. What I  
tried (badly) to say is that it does an excellent job of teaching  
programming using Scheme.

Gregory Woodhouse
gregory.woodhouse at sbcglobal.net

"Think globally, act locally."
--René Dubos

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