[plt-scheme] Re: In search of Linux compatable with DrScheme

From: Eric Hanchrow (offby1 at blarg.net)
Date: Sun Dec 10 12:18:27 EST 2006

>>>>> "Kyle" == Kyle Smith <airfoil at bellsouth.net> writes:

    Kyle> I'm going to be purchasing a workstation dedicated to
    Kyle> running a *nix flavor.  When I checked last there were not
    Kyle> too many options for *nix that were listed as compatible.
    Kyle> I'm soliciting comments from my fellow PLT list readers on
    Kyle> their own experiences with *nix installations and DrScheme.

GNU/Linux is fine; FreeBSD is fine.

If you choose GNU/Linux, you'll of course be faced with the further
choice of "which distro".  I myself prefer Ubuntu.

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