[plt-scheme] [Mred] - syntax coloring in editor canvas

From: jack jack (jack4746 at hotmail.com)
Date: Thu Dec 7 10:03:01 EST 2006

Hi all,

i'm trying to make automatic syntax coloring of editor-canvas%'s content.

For testing,  i made changes manually, then entered text in the editor.

like this:
"entered text into editor"
>(define style-delta (make-object style-delta% 'change-weight 'bold))
>(send text1 change-style (send style-delta2 set-delta-foreground "navy"))
"entered text into editor"

That works but since yet i don't know how to change the style from an 
existing text.
i saw methods which changes colors but wasn't able to make them work at all, 
because the way i meant it is: using regexp-match to look for the keyword 
each time the user type text into the edit canvas (when i get an on-char 
event i call for the coloring function, on the line or the entire editor 
canvas content)

Since regexp returns a list containing the matched string(s), what do i need 
to do now?

Perhaps getting the start & end offset and change the color using a method 
which is called like change color from start offset until stop offset??? 
(how to?)

Or is there another, much easier, way doing it?

Thx in advance, helping me out,

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