[plt-scheme] Re: behavior of nested quotes in DrScheme/mzscheme

From: Michael Vanier (mvanier at cs.caltech.edu)
Date: Fri Dec 1 17:12:43 EST 2006

That is helpful -- thanks!  However, it's still not the same as in mzscheme:

 > '''''a
(list 'quote (list 'quote (list 'quote (list 'quote 'a))))

I think this might be even more confusing to a student.


Kyle Smith wrote:
>> (quote (quote (quote (quote a))))
>>  From a teaching standpoint, the latter is preferable.  Is there any way to 
>> tweak DrScheme's display so that it outputs the latter form?
>> Mike
> C+l
> details
> check constructor type printing
> Hope this helps.
> --kyle
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