[plt-scheme] alternative web server?

From: Andreas Zwinkau (beza1e1 at web.de)
Date: Wed Aug 23 13:51:30 EDT 2006

Continuation-based Web programming is probably a good thing for web
"applications" like Jays Continue.

What i want to do is a blog engine. The current way how plugins are
handled and especially interact in other engines is dissatisfying. A
plugin may have to change the templates or hook into the url dispatcher
somehow. And how can other plugins be built on top reusing the
infrastructure. I've done a prototype in Python already, but i'm
interested in learning Scheme.

This is nearer to the mindset of researching web development but to
webdev hacking and getting the job done. Maybe my ideas so far aren't
appropriate in Scheme, so i try to be open. I just don't see how
continuations can help me here.

A blog is mainly (forgetting an admin interface) a software which
converts data from a database to HTML. No complex interaction and
session handling is needed.

My statement about stability and maturity was based solely on the fact
that only two sites (Continue and Untyped) use PLT. Are there more
already? This is no good indicator for stability and maturity, though.

god bless you

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