[plt-scheme] Changing current locale's encoding

From: Jefferson Heard (heard at duvel.ir.iit.edu)
Date: Wed Aug 9 22:59:11 EDT 2006

Matthew Flatt wrote:
> At Wed, 09 Aug 2006 22:27:49 -0400, Jefferson Heard wrote:
>> I'm not sure bytes->string/locale will work if it goes through iconv on 
>> Windows.  I've pretty well confirmed that the iconv lib is broken under 
>> windows,
> I'm interested to hear how widespread the problem is. It works for me
> on most of my Windows machines, but it fails on one virtual-machine
> installation so far.
> Matthew
Well, it works fine on my lab's win2k box, but not the XP one and not my 
XP laptop nor my girlfriend's XP laptop.  Could be an XP thing?  Could 
also be an "I haven't re-installed windows in too long" thing...

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