[plt-scheme] Embedding MzScheme in Java

From: Randal Walser (randal-walser at comcast.net)
Date: Tue Aug 8 16:38:23 EDT 2006

I'd like to embed MzScheme 352 in a Java app, via the JNI, but I'm
encountering what appears to be a thread stack issue during
MzScheme initialization (in scheme_basic_env).  Before I dig any
deeper I thought I'd ask if I'm overlooking something obvious, or if
there's some fundamental reason MzScheme can't be called straightaway
through the JNI.

I've followed the instructions in section 1.2 of Inside PLT MzScheme,
but the HotSpot JVM (1.5.0_02-b09 mixed mode) reports an
EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION somewhere within scheme_basic_env.  After a
bit of debugging, I can see that a stack overflow is detected within
datum_to_syntax_inner and that the access violation occurs when
scheme_handle_stack_overflow tries to copy the stack (leading me to
think there's some sort of Java/MzScheme thread conflict).

Here's the call sequence leading up to the violation:

  file             line  function called
  ----             ----  ---------------
  (jni glue file)        scheme_basic_env
  env.c            416   scheme_init_eval
  env.c            334   make_init_env
  eval.c           489   scheme_datum_to_syntax
  stxobj.c         4936  datum_to_syntax_inner
  stxobj.c         4747  scheme_handle_stack_overflow
  eval.c           522   scheme_setjmpup (i.e., scheme_setjmpup_relative)
  setjmpup.c       543   scheme_copy_stack
  setjmpup.c       320   memcpy

I've tried linking with the MzScheme and GC dlls

  1) in their default form (compiled with the /MT MSVC option), and
  2) with the /MD option and USE_MSVC_MD_LIBRARY defined, as
     recommended in the plt/src/worksp/README file (for linking
     to DLL-based C libraries).

I've also tried scheme_set_stack_base with all possible arg
combinations.  In every case, the call sequence leading to the
violation is the same.

BTW, the README file in plt/src/worksp says that GC_pre_init should be
called when MzScheme links to a DLL-based C library, but apparently
GC_pre_init has disappeared from libmzgc.  The function definition
used to be in src/mzscheme/gc/mark.c.  So I'm wondering ... just what
was the purpose of GC_pre_init, and why has it disappeared?
Curiously, the GC_pre_init prototype is still in scheme.h, yet the
GC_pre_init function is nowhere to be found.

I'd greatly appreciate any advice anyone might offer.



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