[plt-scheme] reading scheme

From: MJ Ray (mjr at phonecoop.coop)
Date: Tue Aug 1 05:42:09 EDT 2006

Stephen DeGabrielle asked:
> Any advice on reading scheme code? [...]

* Use a viewer/editor which can do a form of bracket matching.
  I use wily (double-click inside a bracket to highlight up to the
  match), but I'm sure emacs and the drscheme editor can do it.

* Keep a copy of RnRS and your implementation's language library
  open nearby.  I still see things I have to look up, 9 years on.

* If it's still not clear, try running the code at the prompt.

* If it's still still not clear, ask the author - if they don't
  like questions, they'll start commenting more ;-)

Hope that helps,
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