[plt-scheme] guibuilder in 352

From: Stephen DeGabrielle (spdegabrielle at gmail.com)
Date: Tue Aug 1 00:30:10 EDT 2006

Has anyone had any luck using guibuilder in 352?

I have put it in the collects folder but I can't get it to go...(I was
hoping to try out the

I get no 'Insert GUI' in the specials menu, and the alternate start gives
the following error;

Welcome to DrScheme, version 352.
Language: Graphical (MrEd, includes MzScheme).
> (require (lib "guibuilder.ss" "guibuilder"))
. Applications/PLT Scheme v352/collects/guibuilder/utils.ss:8:18: module:
identifier is already imported in: private



Stephen De Gabrielle
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