[plt-scheme] GUI and mouse wheel

From: Ivanyi Peter (pivanyi at freemail.hu)
Date: Fri Oct 28 09:53:19 EDT 2005


Thanks Matthew for all the answers and for the nice PLT
I start to "fall in love with PLT-Scheme" :-)) but I have a
design question.
Why does a mouse wheel event belong to keyboard events???
I tried to look around in other Graphical Window Toolkits
and I think it is usually a mouse event. Why is it a problem
for me? Because a graphical widget, like canvas, would
receive it only if it has focus, but if I have any editor,
text-field then the canvas will not have focus too often. I
could program around, that whenever the mouse enters the
canvas, the canvas gets focus, but I have bad experience
with the detection of mouse entering and leaving a widget or
window. So I am just curious.


Peter Ivanyi

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