[plt-scheme] PlaneT, plts and distributing software.

From: Noel Welsh (noelwelsh at yahoo.com)
Date: Wed Oct 26 10:32:11 EDT 2005

Some points:

The programmer has to decide at coding time to use
libraries via Planet or .plts.

I don't want people to use .plts, I want them to use
Planet, so installation Just Works.

Others, for perverse reasons of their own, want to use
.plts, not Planet.

Ergo, there is a problem.

So I suggest:

- remove the distinction between (require (lib ...)) and
(require (planet ...)) (Yay, less typing)

- .plts should be encode their version number and path, so
one .plt can be released as both a file for download, and a
Planet package.  I.e. a .plt contains all the necessary
information for PLT Scheme to figure out where it should be
installed and act as if it was downloaded from Planet

- Planet should provide a way to download .plts via, say, a
web browser, so people can create their own private

- Implement a fault tolerant (i.e. distributed) Planet.

I feel the last should be undertaken by those who have
expressed a desire for such a thing -- it would be quite
some work.


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