[plt-scheme] PlaneT, plts and distributing software.

From: Pupeno (pupeno at pupeno.com)
Date: Tue Oct 25 23:30:55 EDT 2005

On Tuesday 25 October 2005 22:04, Eli Barzilay wrote:
> On Oct 25, Pupeno wrote:
> > > Seriously, it is a bit farcical to not use the tools provided (and
> > > hence my farcical response).  Planet and .plts works across more
> > > platforms that PLT targets than Debian or Portage does (and in
> > > particular on Windows).  You can't seriously expect PLT to
> > > distribute their packages using, say, the Debian system.
> >
> > Oh! I don't, I don't expect any software to be distributed in a
> > platform specific way but I also don't expect software to be
> > distributed in a way that can't be packaged for a platform.
> This is not too easy any way you look at it.  If you want to
> distribute collections, you have to distinguish installing them in the
> plt tree which makes them available for any user on the system, or
> installing them in a specific user directory.
In operating systems like Debian, Gentoo, FreeBSD, you pratically never 
install something for one user, you always install libraries in a generic 
location (/lib, /usr/lib, /usr/local/lib, etc) as well as binaries for 
everyone to use and that is what I would like to achieve by making a deb out 
of a plt.

> For installation in the 
> main plt tree, what you need (if you want to use some other package
> system) is to package up the contents of that collection.
Yes, as long as no other task is needed to be done (MrPersist needs some C 
code to get compiled for example, and I've seen a plt wanting to *modify* 
another file, am I mistaken about that ?)

> In the 
> script section that is in charge of installing the package, you need
> to invoke "setup-plt -l <new-collection>".
So, I could something like:
 setup-plt -l /tmp/temporarycollection
and then repackage those files to be put on the real collection ?
Won't any path be hardcoded when I do that ?
Do I have to set up /tmp/temporarycollection in any particular way ?

> To find the current 
> PLTHOME, you can run this:
>   mzscheme -meev '(require (lib "plthome.ss" "setup"))' \
>                  '(printf "~a~%" plthome)'
Would this find the user's plthome or the general one ? I'd need the general 

> But note that installing a new version of plt will usually want to
> create its directory from scratch.
What do you mean ? Can you elaborate on what are the consequencies of those 

Thank you.
Pupeno <pupeno at pupeno.com> (http://pupeno.com)
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