[plt-scheme] PlaneT, plts and distributing software.

From: Pupeno (pupeno at pupeno.com)
Date: Tue Oct 25 19:29:52 EDT 2005

On Tuesday 25 October 2005 10:17, you wrote:
> --- Pupeno <pupeno at pupeno.com> wrote:
> > I know that, but I do not want to do that, I don't want
> > drscheme to download
> > anything, I want to download them myself and install it.
> That's easy.  PLT Scheme comes with a tool called mzscheme
> that you can use for downloading files from Planet.  Run it
> and type in the line:
>   (require (planet "test.ss" ("schematics" "schemeunit.plt"
> 1 1)))
> This will download the .plt, extract it, and leave it in a
> directory under ~/.plt-scheme/planet, in this case the
> directory
> ~/.plt-scheme/planet/300/cache/schematics/schemeunit.plt/1/1/
> You can then copy it to wherever you desire.
Thank you, I didn't know where it ended.

> > Furthermore, I want to read the source code.
> The source is in the directory the mzscheme tool creates.

> > Furthermore, I want to package it as a .deb or .ebuild or
> > I won't put it on my servers.
> Go for it.
Ok, how do I specify the path were I want setup-plt to install the software ?

> Seriously, it is a bit farcical to not use the tools
> provided (and hence my farcical response).  Planet and
> .plts works across more platforms that PLT targets than
> Debian or Portage does (and in particular on Windows).  You
> can't seriously expect PLT to distribute their packages
> using, say, the Debian system.
Oh! I don't, I don't expect any software to be distributed in a platform 
specific way but I also don't expect software to be distributed in a way that 
can't be packaged for a platform.

> If you have a need to use 
> Debian or Portage I'm sure you can find a way to integrate
> Planet with either (perhaps by writing a custom Planet
> server), but I don't think you should use that as a reason
> to not use Planet or .plts
If I can't build .debs out of .plts (like I can build .debs out of .tar.gz 
having source code and autotools/scons scripts), then, I'll have to look into 
other alternatives.

Thank you.
Pupeno <pupeno at pupeno.com> (http://pupeno.com)
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