[plt-scheme] PLaneT and beta releases

From: Jacob Matthews (jacobm at cs.uchicago.edu)
Date: Fri Oct 21 10:57:03 EDT 2005

Ryan Culpepper wrote:

>I generally just create a symlink in the planet cache that points
>into my CVS or Subversion working copy. It breaks PLaneT abstractions,
>but It Works (TM) perfectly for me.
>Perhaps PLaneT could adopt and formalize this practice by having some
>sort of virtual host/directory/link table, rather than relying on
>symlinks (so Windows uers don't get left out).
I was thinking along pretty much the same lines.

Proposal: I provide a new environment variable (and associated 
configuration parameter) that allows you to list any number of your own 
directories, and planet looks in those for paths of the form 
$person/$package.plt/$maj/$min for packages in addition to looking in 
the real cache. So, if you're developing two packages simultaneously, 
you can create a directory "mypackages" like:

/home/me/mypackages/me/package1/1/2/ ... [your code for package1 here]
/home/me/mypackages/me/package2/4/8/ ... [your code for package2 here]

Then you set some environment variable to include "/home/me/mypackages" 
and then refer to these packages using planet paths (planet ("me" 
"package1" 1 2)) and (planet ("me" "package2" 4 8)) respectively.

Comments? Would that solve everybody's problems adequately?


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