[plt-scheme] PLaneT and beta releases

From: Noel Welsh (noelwelsh at yahoo.com)
Date: Fri Oct 21 05:26:38 EDT 2005

PLaneT is great!  PLaneT sucks!  Let me illustrate.

Say I'm working on libraries A and B.  They are
interdependent.  In A I refer to B via it's PLaneT address
so things Just Work when someone uses A.  All good.

Now I want to work on A.  I'm adding some new functionality
that requires new functionality in B.  This is a big change
so I want to work on both A and B for some time before I
release them.  Suddenly all is not good.  I have to change
all references to B in A to use a normal collection
directory so that I can see my local changes to B.  Then I
have to change them back when I release.  Woe is me!

What are good ways to get around this problem?  I can think

1. PLaneT has a notion of branches and becomes very

2. I run a local PLaneT server.  This is clearly the better
option, though the docs don't give any indication on how to
do this.
Any (better) ideas?


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