[plt-scheme] graphs / shared / memory!!

From: Yoav Goldberg (yoav.goldberg at gmail.com)
Date: Thu Oct 20 21:21:00 EDT 2005

> > (I wonder how Python's generators will match up.. I might write a
> > python version tomorrow..)
> Python uses reference counting. I'd say you start with
> the circular graph version. Last time I talked to Guido
> he didn't understand the value of garbage collection.

Isn't the circular graph version is, in this case, just like the list version?
(I don't see how I can restrict the number of allowed traversal on a circle...)

About Python: I am curious about it because I think generators take a
somewhat different approach - it's not really lazy, just a sequence
with local state.. But you are probably right - it will be very hard
to measure, because python is rather horrible with big lists anyhow.


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