[plt-scheme] Servlet2 and standalone.ss

From: Matt Jadud (mcj4 at kent.ac.uk)
Date: Thu Oct 13 16:42:11 EDT 2005

Could this be achieved without requiring a separate list or new interface?

1. Reorganize the existing language levels dialog; instead of

Professional Languages
Teaching Languages
Experimental Languages

reorg. things so they are task-based

Languages to learn with
  - HtDP
  - ...

Languages to program with
  - DBS
  - Swindle
  - ...

Languages to play with
  - Java
  - Algol 68
  - ...

Languages to experiment with
  - FrTime
  - UncleBob
  - ...

2. Add the requisite fields to the info.ss language so that language 
implementers can place their new languages in the correct place.

I've only "implemented" two languages, and in each case I hacked an 
existing one (EoPL, as it seemed simple) and never really took notes so 
I could do it again from scratch. Either way, if the docs told me how to 
put my language in the "Book" support category (or perhaps "Languages to 
Learn with..."), then I would... if it was appropriate.

I'm not saying I'm keen/wedded to a notion of "... to X with", but I am 
wondering if the effect of making it easier for beginners to find the 
right language for the right book can be done without requiring 
additional lists to be maintained or dialogs to be written?


Matthias Felleisen wrote:

> I am totally with Shriram. And if you don't like the "book" entry point,
> just provide a question/phrase for each entry point and you're done:
>  * Are you using the book in conjunction with the HtDP text book?
>   [default beginner]
>  ...
>  * Are you just interested in Scheme?
>    [PBS, which we should rename to DBS]
> There is no need to do the same for second-level language levels.
> -- Matthias
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