[plt-scheme] mx-browser% object as child to a vertical-panel% object

From: Norbert Lehmann (Norbert.Lehmann at unifr.ch)
Date: Mon Oct 10 06:30:25 EDT 2005


with MisterX it is possible to open and control on Windows platforms a
window which embedds an external application as for example the Windows
Media Player.

Unfortunately, there are not that many arguments which can be provided
for the creation of such a window. Especially, what I am searching for
is a possibility how a mx-browser% object can be created as a
child to some other container% object as for example a panel% object.
It would be great if I could write something like

   (make-object mx-browser% title x y w h options parent)

where parent is for example a vertical-panel% object. Does somebody know
how this could be done ?

Thank you very much

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