[plt-scheme] File Dialog problem with Linux

From: P.C.Lane at herts.ac.uk (P.C.Lane at herts.ac.uk)
Date: Sun Oct 31 05:30:24 EST 2004

Hi list,

I have recently started using my PLT Scheme software almost exclusively 
under Linux, and have run into an irritating, though not consistent, 
problem with the file open/save dialog.

The problem arises when double-clicking on folders to step through the file 
hierarchy. Quite often, around 50% of the time, this does not work 
smoothly, in that the folder is highlighted but does not change.

Does anyone else suffer this problem, or know a fix? I have a freshly 
compiled install (with default options) of v208, patched to v208.1, running 
under Vector Linux, with kernel 2.6.7. I have also experienced the same 
problem on Debian and Slackware Linux.



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