[plt-scheme] STICCS, a Scheme App

From: Joe Marshall (jrm at ccs.neu.edu)
Date: Thu Oct 28 11:11:54 EDT 2004

"Arctic Fidelity" <af at aaronhsu.com> writes:

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> The Link: <http://dl.aaronhsu.com/src/sticcs.tar.gz>
> Alright everyone, I have been developing a program for a contract 
> client for a few weeks now, and I have finally reached a point where 
> I feel comfortable calling it "Early Beta." I think it's time to release it 
> out for "testing only" to the public. 

Cool.  I sort of understand the concept of `time codes' although at
present I have no use for them.

> No doubt to you experienced programmers, this will seem 
> pretty...ehem...ugly, but I'm hoping to get better with some help. 

Ugly lisp/scheme is *always* more beautiful than C++ or Perl.

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