[plt-scheme] Massive memory consumption

From: Devlin Bentley (com2kid at gmail.com)
Date: Sun Oct 24 18:53:57 EDT 2004

Trivial toy problem, itty bitty issue with a non-terminating recursive
function call, but after the program is terminated (on those occasions
that I am able to terminate it...) DrScheme keeps using up about 200MB
of ram.

Note that my machine has only 256MB of ram to use, so this presents a
bit of a problem.

After terminating the app, trying to fix said infinite recursion bug,
and then starting app back up again, DrScheme takes a good 20 or 30
seconds, accompanied by large quantities of disk thrashing, to get my
app going again.

Waiting 30 second for a little toy 50 line program to load up kind of
defeats the purpose running an interpreted language ...  It seems odd
that after taking control over all of my system's memory (and then
some...) that DrScheme would insist on then running everything from
the swap disk.

Since this bug is happening every time I run my app, and obviously
making life a bit difficult for me, my debug cycle now consists of:

Open DrScheme
Try to fix bug
Terminate App
Try to fix bug
Terminate App
Try to fix bug
Kill DrScheme since performance is now so low
Open DrScheme

Right now I am running DrScheme 208p1 on a Win32 box, would changing
over to the latest unstable build help any?
Devlin Bentley
Com2Kid at gmail.com

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