[plt-scheme] Installing PLT as non-admin on windows

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Sat Oct 23 01:34:17 EDT 2004

I changed the Windows installer to do extract the DLLs in the plt
directory, then move them to the system directory.  What happens when
the user cannot write in the system dir is not really documented, but
from a few experiments I did, it seems like the rename will silently
fail, leaving the DLLs in the PLT root, where they will still be used.

A new build with this new behavior is now ready on the precompiled
page, if anyone finds any problems with it, please tell me.

On Oct 23, ifconfig nslookup wrote:
> What you could do is have the same install option as many
> applications have, to have radio buttons for "Install for this user
> only" and "Install for all users"

There is no real "for this user only" -- anyone who has access to the
installed PLT tree can still use the resulting setup.  Furthermore,
this will make things more complex -- does it have an implication
where the preferences are saved?  How about the per-user collection
path?  I think that your suggestion is not going to work since it
requires a pretty verbose explanation about the difference between the
two ways.

On Oct 23, Chris Keelan wrote:
> I'd love to have this option. My ideal situation is to have DrScheme
> on a usb key so that I can take it with me.
> Unfortunately, I have no Windows development tools available so I
> can't even go the DIY route.

Well, using the new installer, you can install PLT using a restricted
account and see if the DLLs stay in the PLT tree...  It might be
useful to have some semi-hidden option to avoid the move, or maybe
copy instead, but I really don't see any sane way of including that.

On Oct 23, ifconfig nslookup wrote:
> If you copy all of libeay32299_018.dll, libmred299_018.dll,
> libmzsch299_018.dll, libmzgc299_018.dll and ssleay299_018.dll to
> your plt\bin directory, it *should* work without an installer.

1. Also -- uniplt_299_020.dll (it wasn't included in one of the early
   precompiled builds since I was still working on it).  It's used on
   the non-NT platforms.

2. libeay... and ssleay... are used for the openssl collection.

3. They should be in the plt directory, not in `bin' (there is no bin
   in the Windows installation).

> Of course, there could be other windows dlls that it updates, say
> advapi32.dll or wsock32.dll.

No, nothing more.

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