[plt-scheme] Building a proxy in plt-scheme

From: Thomas-Xavier MARTIN (txm+plt-scheme at m4x.org)
Date: Thu Oct 21 07:14:36 EDT 2004

Neil W. Van Dyke wrote:
> Just a side note, you might want to look at Google Desktop,
> http://desktop.google.com , which searches (and caches) webpages you
> viewed in the past, and files on your computer.

Sorry for the imprecision when describing the need, but the tool HAS to work 
independently of the browser used (and also from the platform); this rules 
out the slogger extension for Mozilla and the Google Desktop (IE only).

On another subject, since there seems to be (at least a slight) interest in 
such fonctionnalities, I have asked my client if they would be confortable 
with an open-source result, and they don't mind.

Thomas-Xavier MARTIN
txm+plt-scheme at m4x.org

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