[plt-scheme] Re: Programming for non-programmers

From: Alex Peake (alex.peake at comac.com)
Date: Sat Oct 16 18:02:45 EDT 2004


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> On Oct 16, 2004, at 1:35 PM, Richard Cleis wrote:
> > This is part of what I meant by 'The Industry Needing 
> Training.'  I am 
> > applying self criticism here, by the way; I am part of The Industry 
> > that needs training.
> What kind of training and can we (academia) help you if we 
> failed you before?
> As I have mentioned before, I have been an advocate of 
> continued education for CSers. They, like doctors, should 
> have yearly training sessions, but of course their managers 
> should be included. -- Matthias

I think we now enter the world of "marketing" in that you already have great ideas and the word
(value) is not getting out!


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